About Us

Welcome to Healthy Food Mood and thank you for your visiting our website and your interest in us. Here on this page, you can find more information about us, who we are, what we do and get a bigger picture of what this site is all about. The internet larger from day to day so are the number of people who are using the internet to find what they want and seek help and information. On this website, we provide information on healthy living, healthy food and healthy lifestyle. We are huge fans of living a healthy life and we will try our best to share the best and most interesting information with our visitors and fans.

What is Healthy Food Mood ?

Healthy Food Mood is a place for everyone who is interested in healthy living, healthy tips and healthy food. Also, we will try to share with our visitors some interesting facts, but more than anything this is a website that provides information about living a healthy lifestyle. You can see that on our website all of the information that we provide are covering healthy topics, like what food to eat, healthy drinks or beneficial exercises to do for losing weight and keeping our bodies healthy. All the information that you can find on our website are trustful and worthful and we can gently say that the posts we write/or share are real and authentic. Therefore everything you reed on Healthy FoodMood is of some use for you. However, we are not sharing medical advice and we don’t take responsibility for your actions. Besides that we must tell that we as a team are highly motivated and dedicated to providing all the helplines and info for a healthy lifestyle, because we are highly interested in these subjects and living a healthy lifestyle is something we are excited about and our passion.

Why we created this website?

This site is created for two reasons. One is because of the lack of information on the world wide web related to the health topic, so we wanted to contribute in some way. When people are searching for healthy living tips on the search engines and stumble upon Healthy Food Mood, they can find a place with a lot of information about living a healthy life in one place. The second reason is that we are passionate about these topics, so doing all this is like a hobby for us, we can say that we are not doing this just you for but also for us. If you have any questions or you want to work with us in any way, visit our contact us page and feel free to contact us. Thank you and we wish you all the best!


-Healthy Food Mood team.